if anything bad happens to barca this season, i’m blaming this black cat


FC Barcelona 14/15.

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In Pepe’s eyes, I’m not a human. He called me a ‘macaco’ (‘monkey’ in Portugese) during my time at Barca, and then he spat at me. I said to myself: ‘This man is not worth anything’. I did not speak publicly about this because he has no value. I didn’t want to shake his hand in the friendly and I said this before to Mehdi Benatia. He went behind me and he spat at me. I had a bottle of water and I threw it at him and then all the other players came. The ‘blancos’ (Real Madrid players) wanted to hit me. It’s true that I displayed a bad image and I apologize, but it’s unacceptable that a man can spit. I’m not a saint, but I respect people. I will not argue with those who do not regard me as a human being, he has displayed unacceptable behavior. Is racism widespread in football? No, we shouldn’t generalize. I’m African and I’ve played in Europe for years. I’ve been able to deal with wonderful people. It’s just a minority.

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3/10 Important Dates: May 1st, 2005.Lionel Messi scores his first goal for Barcelona at 17 years old in La Liga, assisted by Ronaldinho.

3/10 Important DatesMay 1st, 2005.
Lionel Messi scores his first goal for Barcelona at 17 years old in La Liga, assisted by Ronaldinho.

Me listening to my “friend” whenever she complains about the men who ditch her after two weeks constantly



*Judges people by their opinion on Lionel Messi*


Respectability politics are so trash. Black men/Latinos in hoodies and baggy pants don’t deserve to be shot or mistreated just like women in short skirts don’t deserve to be raped. Any idiot with two brain cells to rub together would know that Martin Luther King was murdered in a suit and women in the 1800’s that were wearing long, complicated, thick ass dresses were still sexually assaulted. Stop that nonsense.

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